Writing - An Overview

1. the usage of a symbol to represent phonetically the initial seem (syllable or letter) of your identify of an object, as A will be the flrst seem of Greek alpha.

19. write in, to vote for (a prospect not outlined within the ballot) by writing her or his identify on the ballot. to include in or incorporate to the textual content by writing: Usually do not produce in corrections around the galley.

You become a fantastic author just as you become a excellent joiner: by planing down your sentences —Anatole France

n → Schrift f; (= act, job) → Schreiben nt; (= inscription) → Inschrift f; at the time of writing → als dies geschrieben wurde; (in present) → während ich dies schreibe; in writing → schriftlich; permission in writing → schriftliche Genehmigung; to dedicate one thing to writing → etw schriftlich festhalten; this is an amazing bit of writing → das ist fantastisch geschrieben; his writings → seine Werke or Schriften; in somebody’s possess writing (= not typed) → handgeschrieben; (= not written by sb else) → in jds eigener (Hand)schrift (dat); he earns somewhat from his writing → er verdient sich ein bisschen (Geld) mit Schreiben; the writing is within the wall for them → ihre Stunde hat geschlagen; he experienced seen the writing within the read more wall → er hat die Zeichen erkannt

Rare. handwriting, In particular a certain variety of handwriting for example that of a specific human being or time period.

a method of divination involving the assessment of letters, probably from a graphological standpoint. Also onomancy.

a. Significant letters or people that represent readable make a difference: erased the writing to the blackboard.

paragraph - among various distinct subdivisions of the text meant to different Strategies; the beginning will likely be marked by a whole new indented line

Writing without having publishing will get to get like loving someone from afar, delectable for fantasies but skinny gruel for your residing —Ted Solotaroff

epilog, epilogue - a short passage included at the end of a literary do the job; "the epilogue advised what ultimately took place to the key people"

"I think writing does arrive out of a deep perfectly of loneliness as well as a need to fill some sort of hole" [Jay McInerney]

21. compose out, To place into writing. to put in writing in complete variety; condition totally. to exhaust the potential or sources of by extreme writing: He is just Yet another creator who has published himself out.

/ˈraɪtɪŋ/ noun 1. a gaggle of letters or symbols penned or marked over a area as a method of speaking Tips by producing Each and every image stand for an notion, notion, or thing, through the use of Every single image to stand for a list of Appears grouped into syllables (syllabic writing), or by regarding Every image as corresponding approximately or exactly to every in the Seems in the language (alphabetic writing) See also ideogram two.

→ كِتَابَة písmo skrift Schrift γραφή escrito, escritura kirjoitus écriture tekst scrittura 書いたもの 저작 schrijven skriving pisanie escrita писание skrift งานเขียน yazı bài viết 作品

npl [creator] → écrits mplwriting scenario n → nécessaire m de correspondancewriting desk n → secrétaire mwriting pad n → bloc m de papier à lettreswriting paper n → papier m à lettres

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